Cyprus Mediation Association

Mediation training

Some of the members of the Association are able to train others in Mediation.

There are a number of training levels:

  1. Informative seminar of a few hours, where the participants get fair information as to what is the peaceful conflict resolution and mediation philosophy and its applications.
  2. Introductory seminar of 10 hours where the above are given in more details including a simulated case of mediation.
  3. Introductory seminar of 20 hours where the basic knowledge of mediation is offered including simulated cases.
  4. Full 40 hour training in mediation, participation in simulated cases, leading to a certificate in mediation by the Association.
  5. After the certificate, in order someone to be able to exercise mediation he should co-mediate with a member of the Association in real cases.

Note: The Association is open to application from groups of at least 10 and not more than 25 people. They will start from the type 2 of the above-mentioned courses.

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August 24, 2019
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