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Mediation process

The first step is to choose any of our mediators and get in touch with them via telephone or E-mail. Alternatively you can contact the association's chairman via phone (22-591912) or email by filling out the 'Contact us' form. Then it will be arranged to meet any two of our mediators depending on the type of the dispute, provided they are available.
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After all the necessary arrangements are made, it may be required to have a preliminary meeting either with each one of the disputants or with both (depending on the particulars of the case).

A typical 'problem solving' process is as follows:

  1. There is an opening statement by the mediator(s).
  2. Each party has the opportunity to speak without interruption about anything relevant to the situation.
  3. Then there is the exchange where the real discussion takes place. Everybody is protected and listened to. Possible areas of agreement are explored.
  4. Separate meetings: At any time during the proceedings the mediators or the parties, may request a separate meeting with each other. This is proven useful and time saving.
  5. Shift to the future: An agenda is co-created with the issues in need of resolution.
  6. Building an agreement: The parties go through of each issue in the agenda. Eventually they craft a workable, mutually satisfactory solution.
  7. A formal agreement is constructed by the mediators and is signed by everybody. The mediators remind the parties of the steps to be taken until the agreement will be materialized.
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August 24, 2019
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