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Cyprus Mediation Association runs its 10th year of life. Unfortunately the situation referring to the philosophy and practice of mediation hasn't changed much. There is strong opposition from legal circles who loath mediation because it bypasses legal proceedings. This was briefly the case in the States in the 90s. Now all advanced countries have legislation covering mediation as alternative to litigation and mediation thieves. Restorative justice is the new development something that is aimed at by European Union. We have to mention here that according to a directive by the European Commission, every country should have its legislation dealing with every aspect of mediation including civil matters by 21st of May 2011. The Cyprus government should already give instructions to the commissioner on legal matters to prepare this legislation. We should though, have in mind the legislation on mediation for family disputes is due to be adopted by the parliament for more than five years and nobody knows when the lawyer-parliamentarians will change their minds.

Our Association proceeds in training various groups like educational psychologists, community nurses, prison wardens etc. Lately thanks to a grand by EEC (mainly Norway) with partnership with the Norwegian Mediation Service and the Turkish Cypriot Mediation Association, we concluded a research project and did practical training in mediation (especially restorative justice) to three groups in English, Greek or Turkish, 16 hours' duration.

At this point we state that we have adopted the Norwegian model in teaching mediation and we are ready to offer training to groups up to 40 hours in practical and theoretical terms.


Mediation has arisen and is developing as an alternative to courts way of settling disputes. Traditional court methods of tackling civil disputes now associate with high costs, long-lasting proceedings and growing charges for legal assistance for all the sides involved, while eventually benefit is consumed by the only winner. As a wise alternative mediation helps reach a "win-win" solution.
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The Benefits

Mediation is becoming increasingly popular, as its obvious benefits, among which are lower costs compared to litigation, quicker resolution of disputes, coverage of problems that are outside the scope of traditional courts, e.g. many family issues, confidentiality etc, are appreciated by a growing number of people.
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Our Association

Our Association is an established society of experienced professionals who were specially trained to provide high-quality mediation services in a variety of fields. Our mediators undergo training at an advanced level on a continuous basis in order to better serve our clients and offer the best solutions to their problems.
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September 23, 2019
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